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 Welcome to our webpage!


DOI ortho-innovativ aims to offer high quality health care technology products at fair conditions, and to participate in research and developement of new products. DOI represents more than 20 years of field experience and a reliable network throughout all regions of the world. We constantly strive for developement and focus on innovation, consultation, research and optimizing fabrication.



DOI is substantually involved in developing new prosthetic knee joints and feet, in order to cope with the amputee’s high demands on a prosthetic treatment. As an exemplary result, we developed the Niagara Foot and the waterproof AT-Knee (Video).

GlideWear and ShearBan by Tamarack Bild6Bild5

DOI represents the strategic  skin and tissue protection products GlideWear and ShearBan from Tamarack, which contribute significantly to reduce frictional shear forces in the prosthetics, orthotics and rehabilitation  technology. These products can be used both in prevention, as well as for the acute treatment of affected areas.


DOI  explored together with the Fraunhofer IPA Institute and the company Tecnaro the use of bioplastics in orthopedic technology, which is generated from renewable resources and is currently in clinical trials.


DOI  cooperates with international organizations, accredited schools, professional associations and orthopedic companies in Germany, Europe and developing countries in order improve sustainable quality of care for people with disabilities.